Your Journey Into the Magic of Anusara Yoga

Deepen your personal practice and understanding of de profound teachings of yoga

The Immersion is a 108 hours course for anyone wanting to deepen their practice and knowledge of the different aspects of yoga, even with no intention to become a yoga teacher.

The Immersion is a rich exploration of asana, alignment, pranayama, meditation, anatomy, and yoga philosophy. The focus here is on being a yoga student and integrate the Anusara yoga® method.

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Kai Hill will be answering all your questions about the training, On January 29th, 6.00 pm

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Module 1 – Anusara and the intrinsic goodness

    • Introduction to Anusara Yoga®

    • Introduction Tantra Philosophy

    • Shri- the intrinsic good

    • Anusara Yoga (special features)

    • Structure of an Anusara Class

    • Sat Chit Ananda (guided meditation)

    • The 3 A‘s in Anusara Yoga

    • 1st A – Attitude and Introduction Sankalpa

    • Exercise about Sankalpa

    • Assignment Page 5

    • Day 1 Immersion Live Session

    • Day 1 Immersion Live Session Recording

  • 3

    Module 2 – The Universal Principles of Alignment

    • 2nd A - Alignment

    • 3rd A - Action

    • Anusara Yoga in a nutshell

    • 1st UPA - Open to Grace

    • 5 aspects of Open to Grace

    • The tantric perspective for you, your practice, your experience

    • Exercise for Open to Grace

    • Sacred Geometry & Creation of Form

    • The Play of Consciousness

    • Spanda - Pulsation, Duality, our Perception of Reality & Non-Duality

    • Exercise: Spanda

    • Day 2 Immersion Live Session 1

    • Day 2 Immersion Live Session 1 Recording

    • Day 2 Immersion Live Session 2 Recording

    • Day 2 Immersion Live Session 2 Recording

    • Day 2 Immersion Live Session 3 Recording

  • 4

    Module 3 – To the optimal energy flow

    • 2nd and 5th UPA - Muscular & Organic Energy

    • 1 aspect of ME an OE - Hug the Midline

    • 2 aspects of ME and OE - Skin to Muscle to Bone

    • 3 aspects of ME and OE to the 3 Focal Points

    • human blueprint

    • 4th aspect of OE - Root to rise

    • Review of ME and OE

    • the experience of Spanda in ME-OE

    • Balanced Action

    • Wrap up of the first 3 UPA's

    • Purna - Abundance

    • The Tantric history & philosophy

    • Womenhood & Rituals, Red & White Tantra

    • Yoga path and guru lineage & John Friend

    • Adhikara - Studentship

    • Adhikara - Assignment

    • Sadhana - Spiritual Path - Assignment

    • Day 3 Immersion Live Session

    • Day 3 Immersion Live Session Recording

    • GMT20210220-133719_Day-2-Imme_1920x962

    • Day 3 Immersion Live Session Recording

    • Day 3 Immersion Live Session Recording

    • Day 3 Immersion Live Session Recording

    • Day 3 Immersion Live Session Recording

  • 5

    Module 4 – Perfect Asanas with Spirals

    • Spanda and the Spirals.

    • The Inner & Outer Spiral.

    • Application of the Spirals in the Feet.

    • The Inner Spiral in The Legs.

    • The Outer Spiral in The Legs

    • Inner & Outer Spiral combined in both legs.

    • The Inner & Outer Spiral and the UPA’s.

    • Experience the movement of Energy with the Spirals.

    • The Inner & Outer Spiral in the Arms.

    • Anatomy of the Arms based on the skeletal model and application of the Spirals.

    • Inner & Outer Spiral in Downward Facing Dog.

    • Applying the Spirals for different Body Types.

    • Empowerment Review Part 1

    • Empowerment Review Part 1 Assignment Upload

    • Empowerment Review Part 2

    • Empowerment Review Part 2 Assignment Upload

    • Day 1 Immersion 2 Recording

    • GMT20210514-163636_Recording_640x360

    • Day 1 Immersion Recording

    • Day 1 Immersion Recording

    • Day 1 Immersion Recording

    • Day 1 Immersion Recording

  • 6

    Module 5 – The tantric macrocosm

    • Centering with Breath & Pranayama.

    • Ujjayi breathing & the experience of the Self.

    • Assignment manual page 42-44 breath in the practice.

    • Direction of the Breath in the Practice.

    • Workbook exercise on the breath experience.

    • Breath & Purifcation of the Body.

    • Experience the flow & anatomy of the Breath.

    • Assignment Page 56 workbook.

    • Mula Bandha the root lock.

    • Uddiyana Bandha, the abdominal lock.

    • Jalandhara Bandha the throat lock.

    • Experience the Bhandas.

    • Assignment page 58 workbook.

    • Breath as the object of meditation.

    • Philosophy of Kashmir shivaism.

    • The Difference of Tantric philosophy.

    • Free of Limitations of Consciousness.

    • Your Authentic self - Your Dharma.

    • Meditation - Your Authentic Self.

    • Tantra - Unlimited potential.

    • Exercise - God Quality.

    • Mayas - Psychic Tattvas.

    • The Five Kanchukas Part 1.

    • The Five Kanchukas Part 2.

    • Tantric Macrocosm - relation between individual and universal - our relation to the Devine.

    • The Power of Supreme Consiousness - Shiva and Shakti.

    • Discovering the Devine Consciousness within ourselves.

    • Find the big Happiness.

    • The Creation of the Universe - the Big Bang.

    • Yoga as a method to lead into the experience of the Infinite.

    • Meditation Practice on Awareness.

    • Explanation of non-duality.

    • The 3 Powers of Creation.

    • The play of Consciousness - Infinite Possiblities.

    • Wrap Up Tattvas - Chart Page 18 workbook.

    • Tattva overview.

    • Immersion 2 Day 2 Recording

  • 7

    Module 6 – Physical Tattvas & Alignment in the Loops

    • Absolute truth of the Tattvas.

    • Purusha and Prakriti.

    • The Mind Manas.

    • The Ego Ahamkara.

    • The Intuition Buddhi.

    • Summary of Prakriti.

    • Meditation on the mind.

    • Elements Mahabuta.

    • Sensations Tanmatras.

    • Senses Jnanendryas.

    • Organs Karmendryas.

    • Loop standing Meditation.

    • Ankle, Shin and Thigh Loop.

    • Pelvis, Kidney, Shoulder and Palate Loop.

    • Drawing the Loops

    • Loops and the UPA’s

    • Loops in the Asana Part 1.

    • Loops in the Asana Part 2.

    • Immersion 2 Day 3 Recording

  • 8

    Module 7 – The world of the mind

    • Patanjali - exploring the structure of the mind.

    • Centering.

    • The 8 fold path of yoga.

    • Raja yoga the way of the gods.

    • The four chapters or padas.

    • Patanjali the first sutra.

    • Patanjali second sutra

    • Patanjali sutra three.

    • Patanjali sutra four.

    • Patanjali sutra five and six.

    • Vrittis the fluctuations of the mind.

    • Patanjali Sutra 12 pada 1.

    • What is Meditation.

    • Focussed awareness.

    • Open awareness.

    • Integrated meditation practice.

    • Benefits of meditation.

    • Guided meditation focussed awareness.

    • Guided meditation open awareness.

    • Guided meditation integrated.

    • Meditation summary.

    • Immersion 3 Day 1

  • 9

    Module 8 – The way of the Yogi

    • Pada 2 Sutra 35 yamas deepening.

    • Pada 2 Sutra niyamas, saucha, santosha, tapas, svadyaya, isvara pranidhana.

    • Exercise page 84 workbook

    • 3rd limb asana and history of asana

    • 4th limb pranayama.

    • Guided practice nadi shodhana.

    • Guided practice kapalabhati.

    • Exercise Workbook.

    • Purification of the nadis in the prana body.

    • 5-7th t limb pratyahara, dharana, dhyana.

    • 8th limb of yoga, levels of samadhi, pads 3 supernatural powers.

    • Empowerment Review Part 2

    • immersion 3 Day 2: Part 1 (Handstand Chris)

    • immersion 3 Day 2: Part 2

  • 10

    Module 9 – Yoga Sutras | 8 limbs of Yoga | Anatomy and Therapy

    • Sadhana

    • Pada 2 Sutra 3 kleshas, avidya, asmita, raga, devsa, abhinivesa.

    • Pada 2 Sutra 1, 2, kriyas.

    • Pada 2 Sutra 11 meditation & karma.

    • Pada 2 Sutra 29 yamas & niyamas, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana.

    • Pada 3 Sutra 30 yamas, ahimsa, satya, asteya, brahmacharya, aparigraha yama.

    • Exercise yamas page 82.

    • Immersion 3 Day 3

  • 11

    Module 10 – The energies of Kundalini

    • Vocal tips for chanting.

    • Meaning of the Anusara invocation and why we chant.

    • Experience chanting the mantra.

    • Summary Anusara invocation.

    • Energy in the body

    • Root Chakra

    • Sexual Chakra

    • Solarplexus Chakra

    • Affirmation Solarplexus

    • Heart Chakra

    • Throat Chakra

    • Third eye chakra

    • Crown chakra

    • Koshas

    • Chakra Meditation

  • 12

    Module 11 - The Chant of the Divine

    • Bhagavad Gita - The story.

    • Arjuna - the Action Warrior.

    • Devotion to the Goddess.

    • Krishna and the Nondualism.

    • The Gunas - Describing the field.

    • Bhagavad Gita - the essence.

    • Immersion 4 Day 2

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Anusara – A life affirming path embedded in tantric philosphy

Anusara® Yoga means to practice from the heart

Anusara® Yoga teachers receive intensive training in all key areas of yoga teaching. Special emphasis is placed on linking heart-oriented topics and tantric philosophy with instructions for precise alignment of postures to inspire students to embody the highest goals of yoga practice. 

Other key areas of the Anusara® Yoga Teachers’ Training Course include the principles of breathing, meditation, creation of posture sequences, observation, verbal and physical alignment, demonstration of postures, use of the voice, and organization of course curricula.

We are looking forward to welcoming you into our community of committed and light-hearted teachers who are dedicated to cultivating and maintaining a high standard of excellence. 

Serving students of all ages and levels to discover their own innate goodness, their worthiness, and Divine nature.

Sign up today!

Your Teachers

Your Leading Teacher

Kai Hill

Kai is a Anusara Certified Advanced Teacher Trainer® and owner of yogatribe studio in Berlin. He is leading 200 hrs and 300 hrs Trainings throughout Europe. He isa a member of the global board of Directors of ASHY (Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. Kai did his first steps into Anusara directly with John Friend in a teachers intensive in 2007. Followed by a 200hrs teacher trainings in Berlin. He dived in a 200hrs teacher training into the art of sequencing with Jason Crandell. He explored the body in a 200hrs training in spiral dynamics ( In 2017 he joined a 100hrs Meditation training. Kai has worked intensively with his favorite teachers like Sally Kempton, Elena Brower, Sianna Sherman, Bill Mahony and Tara Stiles year for year around the globe. You can find Kai online via,,

Your Coach, Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher (SMS)

Lydia Hill

Anusara Inspired® Licensed Yoga teacher (200hrs) Rasa Yoga Teacher (300hrs) Certified Mindfulness Trainer Certified Trauma Counsellor Tantric Meditation Teacher Lydia is an Anusara Inspired® licensed yoga teacher and the co-founder of yogazone in Marbella ( . She discovered the magic of yoga when she walked into a yoga studio in 2006, and it was the depth and the intelligence of the Anusara yoga system that really got her on board. She experienced profound shifts in her yoga practice through the universal principles of alignment and discovered numerous new pathways of moving her body. She continues to be amazed by the transformation these teachings have to offer. Lydia is a deep diver and loves to explore the dynamics of the mind. She totally stoked about the ever-expanding benefits of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation.

Your Master Asana Yoga Teacher (Assistant)

Chris Keller

Chris is an Anusara Elements Yoga Teacher®. Chris began yoga with the intention of immersing himself in an ancient method for movement and breathing. He realized how big of an impact it had on his life. Now he practices yoga daily twice to feel his body and dive deeper into movement. True to his motto, "Every day is a new day."
 In his classes, Chris motivates yogis to try new things as well as find their way into yoga with them. He teaches to show his students how grateful the effects of yoga can be.

What You Will Get

Through the Program you will be Loaded with the Tools and Knowledge needed to become a well-rounded yoga teacher.

  • Online + Live in 24 Hybrid Learning Modules

    In this training you can learn from every angle. We offer customised exclusive training content, over 300 learning items as videos, group work, texts, illustrations, reviews and quizzes as well as 32 live sessions and practices on weekends throughout the training semester.

  • Anusara Immersion & Teacher Training

    The first part of the training is experiential for you to contemplate and embody the Anusara Universal Principles of Alignment. The second part is for you to learn how to teach this intelligent system of yoga to your students.

  • The Art of Sequencing

    Learn how to build a yoga class where the student will leave feeling satisfied and open. Refined sequencing will help your student to discover new depths in their yoga practice, and will make them come back for more!

  • Marketing & Business

    To learn about the business of yoga and marketing is important to help your students find you, and for you to build a profitable yoga career. Kai has over 3 decades of marketing experience and in this training he will share with you the tools and techniques that worked for himself and many others.

  • Personal Transformation

    The wonderful side effect of this training is that all students experience personal transformation through the insights and experience they gain from this training and the depth of the practice that is being transmitted by yout teacher Kai Hill.

  • Certificates

    Full Anusara School of Hatha Yoga Certificate as an "Anusara Elements Teacher" to teach worldwide. (After Recommendation by Leading Anusara Yoga Certified Teacher). Full Yoga Alliance "Registered Yoga Teacher – RYT 200" Certificate to accomplish the benchmark as an yoga teacher globally.


What our students are saying

Anusara Yoga Teacher

Stephanie Just

The AYTT with Kai Hill is by far the best thing I have experienced in my life so far. It surpasses without a doubt all that I was able to take away for myself in my studies and subsequent trainings. Kai is absolutely great, such a loving lateral thinker who questions things and stands up for his opinion. It gives me unspeakable pleasure to be able to learn from him. I try to absorb everything within his training and thanks to Kai I feel so much desire to dive deeper and deeper into the matter of Anusara. The program he designed is a pure gift for me and fulfills me very much. It came into my life just like it was meant to! Kai's personality is so authentic and his way of teaching so joyful and convincing. His enthusiasm for Anusara is so palpable! He lives Anusara with every pore and this in a way that is contagious. He succeeds in making Anusara Yoga in its complexity tangible for me. Thanks to Kai, I feel so much desire to get deeper into this world of Anusara, the philosophy, anatomy, sequencing, its alignment principles and methodology of teaching. Kai exudes an irrepressible lust for life and in my eyes feels called to touch and connect people through the path of yoga. He loves to see his students grow and does so in an unconventional and motivating way. His teaching style is gripping, challenging and engaging. He fills the room with his presence and radiance. The fact that Kai has managed to attract experienced teachers from all over Germany for his training speaks for him without a doubt. I look forward to my further journey with Kai and his inspiring style!

Anusara Yoga Teacher

Anna Mund

As a stay at home mum of two small children, I often felt overwhelmed and like I wasn’t headed anywhere. The immersions and the 200 hour teacher training with Kai, showed me how much life has to offer. My whole perspective of life changed to the better. My friends and family observed a much happier and more content Anna. For that I am so grateful, Kai! I was practically a beginner Yogi but that didn’t mean I couldn’t be part of the process and the path to a higher self. It was a no brainer for me, that I had to join the 300 hrs Advanced Teacher Training, too. Kai and Lydia are amazing teachers and provided so much more than the Teacher Student relationship. They are loving people, who go the extra mile to make you feel at home, in a team of random people, who are all on the same journey. The in depth knowledge Kai provides, combined with Anusara’s “Principles of Alignment”, turn an ordinary yoga practice into an experience you should not miss out on. I cannot recommend the immersions and teacher trainings highly enough!

Anusara Yoga Teacher

Lucía Argüelles

Training with Kai was great! His teaching style offers a fine balance between structure and flow, discipline and so much fun. The intensive ATT was a very enriching experience and helped take my teaching skills to another level. Lydia and Kai complement each other beautifully during the trainings, they are a powerful duo. They genuinely share their own teaching/ entrepreneurial experience and do a lot of coaching throughout the modules, which keeps it very real, useful and inspiring! Chris completes the perfect team, he’s warm, super organised and always available to support students - both during the workshops and at any time in between! Highly recomendable.

Anusara Yoga Teacher

Karen Mitchell

I have been a qualified yoga teacher for over 15years. Although I didn’t know Kai Hill but what I read about the course and the other educators on board sounded perfect. From our first day on the course I felt part of a Kula. This was down to Kai and his ability to welcome everyone with warmth but also with space. The course is for someone serious and intent on learning the beautiful Anusara system and all it entails. The philosophy, anatomy, class themes and The UPA’s A lot! Also discovering and learning to use your own personality in the art of teaching. Kai’s teaching method was precise and very thorough. Also fun. Kai also had great support by Lydia and Chris on the course. Kai and the support teachers were available to talk to when any worries or concerns arose. Kai teaches from a very generous place and shows outwardly his delighted to share his depth of knowledge and experience without conceit. I would be confident to recommend Kai Hill teacher training courses to other students. Two very valuable things I have discovered from my training so far with Kai and his team is to be authentic “be you” and of course be prepared!

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  • Will my Certificate Yoga Alliance Registered?

    The 200hr Anusara Yoga Teacher Training is recognized by the Yoga Alliance and You will be able to register with the Yoga Alliance after receiving your certificate of completion.

  • How much experience do I need to join the training?

    The Immersion is student training and can be done by anyone who has an interest in deepening their yoga practice. Some prior yoga experience is recommended. The program is designed for aspiring teachers, as well as people with a regular yoga practice who want to deepen their understanding of yoga and their practice. You don’t need to be ‘good’ at yoga to enjoy this training. Most important is your curiosity, an open mind, and eagerness to learn and grow.

  • Do I need to be flexible and advanced?

    We recommend basic understanding of the fundamental yoga postures. It doesn't matter how flexible you are. If you are brand new to yoga, you can participate you are choosing to go through the program for personal growth only. A lot of people join for this reason. Please contact us if you have specific health challenges to discuss your possibilities.

  • What if I can't join a module or live class?

    To receive your 200hr Certificate, you must attend 100% of the required hours to comply with Yoga Alliance requirements. You can make up for missed sessions by watching the replay or in some cases a catch-up session.

  • Will I be qualified to teach yoga after this training?

    Absolutely! Upon completion of the training, you will receive the required teaching certificate, and you will be loaded with the knowledge and skills to start your journey teaching yoga!